Basement Floor Finishing

To begin your basement remodeling project, you must first eliminate all possible water leakage problems in the basement. Next, eliminate water vapor from coming up through the concrete basement floor. This is important, as concrete is a porous material and water vapor will slowly and continuously travel up through it. If you lay a carpet on top of the concrete floor, this moisture gets trapped under the carpet and causes odors, mold and rot in the carpet.

Unfinished Basement Floor Tiles in Greater Ontario, ON

Unfinished Basement Floor Tiles

Finished Basement Floor Tiles in Greater Ontario, ON

Finished Basement Floor Tiles

Wood Finished Basement Flooring in Greater Ontario, ON

Wood Finished Panels

Keep water out... Water in your basement can ruin your investment in a finishing system, your furniture, storage, and appliances. Even small water problems don't go away on their own, they keep coming back. A wet basement needs to be addressed with products designed to address issues of moisture.

Total Basement Finishing works closely with the waterproofing experts at Basement Systems. If you have a water problem, contact your local Basement Systems dealer to make sure that your basement is dry and to protect your investment in your finished basement.

ThermalDry provides a thermal break in your Basement floor between the cold concrete and your living area, making the floor both warmer and more comfortable. ThermalDry is the perfect compliment to the TBF Wall System and TBF Ceiling Panels – the complete basement finishing solution.

Total Basement Finishing will provide you with a free basement floor quote. We provide services throughout Ontario, and areas surrounding Toronto, Mississauga, Oshawa, Barrie, Brampton, Richmond Hill, Ajax, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Orangeville, Whitby, Clarington, Newmarket, Aurora, and Caledon.

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